Sen. Alan Nunnelee out raises Congressman Childers again in Q3, while Childers is forced to rely overwhelmingly on out-of-state donors.

Third quarter fundraising reports for Mississippi’s First District Congressional race are in, and the news is not good for Congressman Travis Childers.

Sen. Alan Nunnelee raised nearly $180,000 more than his opponent, sitting incumbent Congressman Childers. With this final quarterly report before the election, Sen. Nunnelee has outraised Congressman Childers since entering the race.

Importantly, Nunnelee retains over $300,000 in cash on hand left to spend in the final weeks of the race. Previously Congressman Childers held an advantage in cash on hand thanks to many months head start, but that advantage has been all been eliminated. Nunnelee carries the clear momentum into the last weeks of campaigning.

Congressman Childers was forced to rely on out-of-state donors to attempt to keep up with Nunnelee’s pace. Over 70% of Childers’ funds this quarter came from outside of Mississippi. That is a stark contrast to Nunnelee’s donors. Nearly 70% of funds raised by Nunnelee in the third quarter came from Mississippi.

Sen. Nunnelee said following the release of the reports: “Our message of stopping the senseless borrowing in Washington and ending job-killing policies is resonating with Mississippi voters. I look forward to carrying that message to as many people as possible in the coming days.”

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