(Washington, D.C.) – Congressman Alan Nunnelee issued the following statement tonight after President Obama’s Joint Session Jobs Address.

“With unemployment above 10 percent in Mississippi and above 9 percent nationally, families across north Mississippi do not need another speech from the President. They need Washington to get out of the way and let the free economy grow so that our employers can create jobs, and hard working men and women across our state can find a good job.

We cannot continue with more failed policies that use our grandchildren’s money to solve the problems of today. If we could simply spend our way out of our current economic slowdown, then we would have been out of this mess years ago. The only course is to pass policies that help the economy grow.

Congress must create certainty in the market by adhering to strict spending caps and passing a balanced budget amendment that will lower our national debt. Congress must also pass an energy policy that allows America to harness its own natural resources and finally become energy independent. Lastly, Congress must stand up to President Obama’s job-destroying regulations, including his signature health care plan, which has frozen the job market as employers wait to see how much a new employee will cost them.

I appreciate the President addressing Congress tonight, but his words will not create one job in Mississippi, and recycling the same ideas are clearly not working as proven in the latest jobs report. For the first time since 1945, the economy did not create one new job in the month of August. It is time the President listened to what many in Mississippi have been saying for too long – stop the spending, stop the regulations and unleash America’s economy.”

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