Nunnelee responds to Brumfield

This past Sunday, Patsy Brumfield of The Daily Journal authored a piece about Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s importance in this election. Here was our full response to her questions about why we’re working to fire Nancy Pelosi in November. Click here to read the full article.

Senator Nunnelee has asked the question, “If you had the opportunity to go to Washington and vote for the third highest elected office holder in the land, would you vote to empower Nancy Pelosi? Would your relatives, friends and neighbors?”

Senator Nunnelee has been asking this question all over North Mississippi since August 1st and the answer is a resounding “no”.

The citizens of the First Congressional District understand that Nancy Pelosi and her appointed committee chairmen control the legislative agenda of Congress. The vote for Speaker is one of the most critical a member makes. The Speaker and her leadership team dictate the bills on which members are allowed to vote. Senator Nunnelee’s opposition to Speaker Pelosi is not about personality or partisanship. It’s about the policies she supports and the way she runs Congress.

Nancy Pelosi is a San Francisco liberal and does not represent Mississippi values. We are asking voters the question: If you were a member of Congress would you vote for an agenda that has

increased our national debt more in the last 20 months than in the previous eight years combined?
Would you vote for an agenda that seeks to increase taxes on health care, fuel costs, businesses, investments, real estate, and family partnerships?
Would you vote for an agenda that would increase income taxes for every tax bracket and on capital gains, stifling growth and killing jobs?
Would you vote for an agenda that includes a massive government takeover of health care?
Would you vote for an agenda that seeks to bail out giant corporations for their own mistakes?
Would you vote for leadership that promised transparency, then conducted negotiations on health care behind closed doors and bribed Congressmen with pork for their support?
Would you vote for leadership with a 0% pro-life rating according to the National Right to Life Committee and an F rating from the NRA?
Would you vote for leadership that supports gay rights?
Would you vote for leadership that has ignored illegal immigration problems?

If you agree with these policies then you should vote to empower Nancy Pelosi and her leadership team but if you do not agree with these policies, why would you vote to empower them?

This liberal leadership and their agenda do not mesh with First District voters and their values. Our Congressman has been an enabler for this agenda, voting with Nancy Pelosi 81% of the time while voting for Nancy Pelosi 100% of the time. That’s a vote that most North Mississippians would not have made.

Is a vote for Nancy Pelosi representative of the First Congressional District voters?