Nunnelee Talks Fair Tax with Majority in Mississippi

I briefly spoke with Alan Nunnelee this morning, and the conversation centered around taxes, which seems to be the issue of the day on the campaign trail. We specifically talked a little about the Fair Tax which the Travis Childers campaign thinks is a winning issue for them.

As you have seen on the blog both the Childers camp and the DCCC have been running ads saying something to the effect that Nunnelee supports a 23 percent sales tax on everything. To simply make that statement is disingenuous on the part of Childers and the DCCC- and they most likely know it.

Nunnelee also took objection to the way those two camps were centering the issue, and leaving out the key elements of the bill labeling it ‘unfair.’

When I asked Nunnelee about whether he supports this tax plan, he did not commit or reject it saying he wants to see changes at the federal level that accomplishes these goals: 1) it lowers everyone’s taxes 2) it is simpler than the current system and 3) it is more opaque and transparent.

Majority in Mississippi