House hopeful plans to ignore ‘family fights’

Former Fox News analyst and Mississippi Republican congressional candidate Angela McGlowan says she will not support Republican opponent Alan Nunnelee if he wins the GOP nomination. She told a local radio show that Nunnelee, a state senator who is the frontrunner in the Republican primary, is a “RINO Republican” who raised taxes. The former news analyst also added that she would support her other Republican opponent, Henry Ross, if he were to win the primary.

Senator Nunnelee says he will put his conservative credentials up against anyone — and he plans to ignore McGlowan’s criticism.

“I use as my role model on things like this the life of a young teenager, [the Old Testament character] David,” the senator explains. “David went to the valley of Elah, and there was a giant roaming around in the valley. And if you will read — I think it’s first Samuel, chapter 17 — David’s brothers began to taunt him and to pick a fight with him. And David very wisely ignored the taunts of his brothers because he knew that his energy needed to be focused on the giant in the valley.”

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