Childers invites another Washington liberal to campaign for him

July 26: TIME Magazine reports that Travis Childers invited Michelle Obama to come campaign for him in North Mississippi.

August 1: Travis Childers says he has not invited any “Washington public figure to campaign for [him]” in Mississippi.

August 2: TIME Magazine runs an updated version of their story, saying Travis Childers has clarified his statement and did invite Michelle Obama “on behalf of constituents”.,9171,2004139,00.html

And now:

August 5: Politico reports that House Majority Leader and liberal Democrat Steny Hoyer has been invited by Childers to come campaign for Childers in Mississippi.
It appears Congressman Childers intends to bring Washington’s liberal-style politics to Mississippi.
Who’s next, Nancy Pelosi? Barney Frank?

Nunnelee Press