In light of Rep. Childers’ strong opposition to repealing the president’s healthcare takeover, the Nunnelee campaign is highlighting various provisions of the bill and asking why the congressman wants them to remain law.

Preliminary new figures show North Mississippi’s jobless rate at a whopping 12.6%


“Preliminary figures from the Mississippi Department of Employment Security show the jobless rate in the 16-county region in March was 12.6 percent…” (Dennis Reid, “Region’s jobless rate falls to 12.6%,” Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, 4/22/10)

And Obama’s healthcare takeover will make things worse:

“The bill also places new taxes on ‘the rich’ — or, in more realistic terms, small businesses and those who create jobs. [The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis’] dynamic analysis of the bill shows that an average 690,000 jobs per year would be lost due to the effects described above. Americans have recently voiced that Congress’ top legislative priority should be restoring jobs and the economy. Instead, congressional leaders have focused their agenda on passing the Senate health care bill, which would have the opposite effect of killing jobs growth, suppressing economic growth, and adding to the nations already unsustainable levels of federal spending.” (Kathryn Nix, “Obamacare Increases Unemployment, Insurance Premiums, Deficit, and Debt,” The Heritage Foundation, “The Foundry,” 3/17/10)

“Americans for Tax Reform Foundation today released a study conducted by the Beacon Hill Institute on the job losses that will result from the passage of President Obama’s healthcare plan…From the Executive Summary…[Obamacare] is a job killer, not a job creator. The result is a loss of between 119,000 and 698,000 jobs between enactment of the bill this year and 2019.” (Americans for Tax Reform release, “Study: Health care bill will cost up to 700,000 jobs by 2019,” 3/17/10)

“In the first two days after the law was signed, three major companies — Deere & Co., Caterpillar Inc. and Valero Energy — said they expect to take a total hit of $265 million to account for smaller tax deductions in the future.” (Josh Funk, “Companies say health care costs hard to swallow,” Associated Press, 3/25/10)

But Congressman Travis Childers wants to keep it that way:

“Republican candidates for north Mississippi’s U.S. House seat pledge to support attempts to repeal the new health care law. The man one of them will oppose on the Nov. 2 general election ballot terms their promises short-sighted and pure politics. ‘Calls to repeal the bill are politically motivated,’ U.S. Rep. Travis Childers said Wednesday. ‘I voted against the bill. It’s time we move forward in working to make it better.’” (Patsy Brumfield, “GOP’s House candidates push repeal of new health care law,” Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, 3/26/10)

“Why, Travis, why?” – Sen. Alan Nunnelee

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