Nunnelee’s Plan for Restoring Honor to Government

Over the last two years, Washington has been out of touch with the rest of America. Our Congressmen only communicate with the voters through town hall meetings on the telephone, they don’t come home to explain their votes and ideas, and they pal around with DC liberals at fundraisers. Ethics charges are in the headlines every week, it seems. Congress passes thousands of pages of legislation without reading or debating the bill. Bills are written behind closed doors, and then Nancy Pelosi says, “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it.”

It’s time to restore honor to government. Here are my ideas:

· We need to read bills before voting on them.

· The text of bills should be placed online three days before a vote, so you can read them. No more hiding bills from our political opponents or the public.

· Congressman Childers has voted for liberal social policy attached to defense spending bills. Funding for our troops should not be hijacked by those promoting a social agenda. No more liberal policies hidden in bills for the troops.

· Packing controversial measures inside must-pass bills is wrong. Only one major piece of legislation should be advanced at a time so we can debate the merits of everything out in the open.

· Congress did not pass a budget this year for the first time in the modern era. The American people deserve to know how their money will be spent and the long-term outlook of government. We need to debate and pass a realistic, responsible budget like we’ve done in the state of Mississippi.

· No more hiding behind a telephone in Washington, DC. I’ll meet you face to face, here in North Mississippi.

· We can’t tolerate powerful committee chairmen in Congress who launder money, take special perks from lobbyists trying to influence them, or lie to Congress. We need to appoint honorable chairs of committees, and if they break the public trust, they should be held accountable.

· Congress should live by the laws they pass. No more exempting Congress or congressional staff from laws they pass for the rest of America.

Nunnelee Presser