Nutt should run score up as payback toward Arkansas’ nuts

They’re still there, you know. The crazies. The wackos. The lunatic fringe of Razorback Nation. They’re still there, lurking in their small towns and conniving on their message boards, and they deserve to be punished.
This weekend, lunatic fringe. This weekend, you get punished.

Remember how things were in Arkansas, Houston Nutt, and take it out on the Hogs. (US Presswire)
Ole Miss visits Arkansas on Saturday, and if there is any justice in the world, former Arkansas coach Houston Nutt will turn his Ole Miss Rebels into an instrument of vengeance and hang half-a-hundred on the Hogs in front of their home crowd.
And then he’ll score again. And again. And again.

Run it up, Houston Nutt. That’s what I’m saying. That’s what would be appropriate. That’s what the lunatic fringe in Arkansas deserves. Run it up so badly that Arkansas fans in attendance leave in the third quarter because they can’t stand the sight of your fist in the air. Run it up so badly that Arkansas fans elsewhere turn off the television and the radio and even the computer, because not even the cowardly company of the meanest message board will get them through this beatdown.