Navy Secretary Nominee Drew Notice Over Divorce

Mr. Mabus declined to comment Sunday. But his lawyer, Richard C. Roberts III, said Mr. Mabus recorded the session with his wife based on advice from his lawyer at the time and after having learned that she was having an affair.

“It would just be a travesty,” Mr. Roberts said, “if this became a controversy when Ray Mabus was nothing more than a private individual confronting his wife about an adulterous affair in a manner prescribed by his lawyer.

“For what it’s worth,” Mr. Roberts added, “Ray Mabus is probably one of the most intelligent, honorable people I know. I can’t imagine a better choice for secretary of the Navy.”

Reached at home late Sunday, Ms. Hines said that she was still pursuing her case against the church and offered no criticism of Mr. Mabus’s nomination.

“I’m very happy for his children because they’re proud of their father,” she said.

New York Times