Ocean Springs lawmaker merits a stern warning from China

Klaus Bardenhagen, a German reporter covering Taiwan, noticed the letter on Facebook, wrote about it and posted a link to Zuber’s Facebook page. Ten thousand people saw his Facebook post on the story.

And Zuber was soon wondering what was with all the friend requests from Taiwan. Traffic on the page eventually caused him to take the post down. And that just caused another flurry of internet traffic as reporters began to wonder what happened to the Facebook post.

“No one asked me to do it,” said Zuber, who added it had nothing to do with pressure from the Chinese.

Zuber says he has sponsored pro-Taiwanese resolutions for several years and goes out of his way to meet with the country’s delegation when it visits.

If China was hoping to keep Zuber’s support under wraps, it probably shouldn’t have said anything.

“It’s all over the world,” said Zuber of the story. “Friday it was on the front page of the Taipei Times.”