Ocean Springs mayor takes to social media, TV to protect her job

In her post, Moran made several claims:
•”There are only six city-manager forms (in Mississippi).” In reality, there are seven — with five of them on the coast, with Biloxi and Gulfport also employing city managers in addition to a full-time mayor.
•”There are no cost savings” — noting that city managers are frequently paid as much or more than full-time mayors. The National League of Cities, however, reports that “local governments have found that overall costs actually have been reduced with competent management. Savings come in the form of reduced operating costs, increased efficiency and productivity, improved revenue collection, or effective use of technology.”
•”Nationwide it is more suited for large urban cities.” The NLC says the city manager form is used primarily by cities with populations of 10,000 or more. Ocean Springs current population is around 18,000.
•”A City Manager proposes the budget, does all the hiring and firing and controls all departments. Those tasks are completely taken from the aldermen.” According to the NLC, a city manager does have the authority to hire and fire city personnel, but only with council approval. The city manager also proposes a budget, but it remains at the council’s discretion to accept, reject or amend the budget.