On Jan. 7, 2008, two unlikely teams took the field in the Louisiana Superdome to battle it out for the BCS Championship.

For weeks it looked like matchup would have been Missouri and West Virginia but in the last week of the season, Missouri was upset in the Big 12 Championship Game by Oklahoma and West Virginia was shocked with a loss to Pittsburgh.

Suddenly the college football world was thrown into chaos. After much speculation the BCS decided on a one-loss Ohio State team and a two-loss SEC Champion LSU. Ohio State had earlier stumbled against Illinois after dominating the rest of their schedule and LSU came to the game with overtime losses to Kentucky and Arkansas and some close calls to a bunch of other SEC teams.

Ohio State fans and press were thoroughly insulted to be rated by Las Vegas as a four-point underdog to a two-loss team that struggled for other wins during the season. Many thought this was the year that Ohio State could break the “SEC Curse” going back eight games in different bowls.