Ole MIss: Between the Goal Posts and as bad as it can get

If there were ever a team, a coaching staff and its fans out of sync, it’s got to be the Ole Miss Rebels, Houston Nutt’s group of football coaches and the men, women and children that call themselves Rebel supporters.
It all begin with the NCAA banning Masoli from the team just days before the disastrous season opener. And it continued with the foolishly banning of Col. Reb in favor of some old ugly black bear that had absolutely no connection with the school.
And then the Jacksonville State loss, progressing all the way through to the Arkansas fiasco, the Rebels have continually found new ways to lose. In fact, Ole Miss went out of its way against the Hogs. Quarterback Jeremiah Masoli had a career day in Fayetteville, but it still wasn’t enough to overcome a swarm of Rebel bugaboos that led to a 38-24 loss.