Ole Miss’ Hugh Freeze advocates changing of state flag

Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze said Thursday that he believes it is time to change the state flag of Mississippi.

“In the late ’90s our university made a move to go away from the Confederate flag and being a Mississippian I have a great appreciation for the Mississippi people and the pride we have in the heritage and all those things,” Freeze said at SEC Media. “Unfortunately that symbol has been hijacked by some groups that mean ill-will towards some people.

“While I’m not a political figure, I strongly believe it is time we move in a different direction and change the flag. Hopefully that’ll happen.”…

…He was also asked if he thought Ole Miss’ “Rebels” nickname was appropriate.

“We could get into the name of the Rebels and everything, and if that’s something that is troublesome to others, I’m sure that we would address that,” Freeze said. “But I haven’t heard that.”