Ole Miss Fans Should Calm Down a Bit

Remember, Masoli didn’t go looking for a school that had a graduate degree he wanted and then decide which football program was the best for him. He went looking for a school that had a football program he wanted to join, then selected the graduate degree that was best for him. That’s not what the rule is there for.
And if Masoli and Nutt and Co. are suggesting that Masoli won’t play next year and would instead go to the NFL Draft — well, they’re just proving the point, aren’t they?
You can disagree with the NCAA’s decision. But to go crazy and say that the decision was completely unreasonable is going way too far. Methinks you doth protest too much.
It might be selective enforcement. But selective enforcement of some sort of bottom-line standard on this sort of thing is better for the game than no enforcement at all.