If you play football but can’t read, write, or pass standardized tests… has Houston Nutt got a deal for you.

According to his own words, Mississippi football coach Houston Nutt is looking for football players who will NEVER qualify academically to sign letters of intent with the Rebels, so as to stock the depth charts of junior colleges that are friendly to Ole Miss.

“It’s going real smooth right now because you’ve got about seven guys right now that we know for sure aren’t going to make it academically,” Nutt said last week at a news conference to discuss spring practice. “However, they love Ole Miss and so what we’re doing, to help out Mississippi junior colleges, is we are going to place them in the schools.”

“There are about four or five that are on the fence and probably won’t make it academically,” Nutt said. “The relationship you build with Mississippi junior colleges is important to me because we won’t ever be a staff that will sign 15 to 16 junior college kids a year. We won’t do that, but we will sign some needs.”