Ole Miss hiring ad agency to help advise students when picking a new mascot

It is time to vault the divide between the administration and the Ole Miss community. That’s why we have decided to connect with you via this blog. We are calling it “Ole Miss Point of View,” and it represents the point of view held by the administration of The University of Mississippi. That said, however, it is not an effort to persuade or convince; neither will it argue or criticize. In fact, it is the opposite: We hope it will break down communication barriers, foster a sense of community among the stakeholders of our university and create a more open dialogue about a range of topics.

We begin with the subject of the mascot and will follow up with our plan to phase out the use of Colonel Reb on licensed merchandise.

The Mascot

Last fall, a group of student leaders expressed an interest in leading an effort to propose a new on-field mascot that represents the spirit and energy of today’s Ole Miss Rebels. A vote was undertaken by the student body on a referendum by the Associated Student Body (ASB) to determine interest in students leading an effort to propose a new mascot. Students voted with a resounding YES! The vote was 2,510 in favor with 856 opposed. We are fully supporting this student-led process with the guidance of creative professionals and administrators. We will use private funds to pay the Ramey Agency, a marketing and advertising agency in Jackson, Miss. to advise student leaders and university administrators on how best to move forward. A team of people—led by our students—-will listen to a wide range of opinions from our university community. We all hope to have a new on-field mascot for the start of our 2010-11 football season.

Let us hear your comments…

Coming soon: The Colonel Reb Merchandise Phaseout Plan.

Ole Miss Point of View