Overby Center at Ole Miss to salute Mississippi’s 200th anniversary

The first of six events — “How Deep is Mississippi’s Commitment to Education?” — will concentrate on one of the most controversial issues in the state. Rep. Jay Hughes, an Oxford Democrat who has been outspoken in his criticism of the administration and the legislature’s approach to education, will be joined by Bracey Harris, an education reporter for the Clarion-Ledger, in a conversation at 6 p.m. Friday, Feb. 10.

Using a slogan “It ALL starts with education” for his frequent emails to constituents and other interested parties, the first-term legislator has closely tracked bills involving educational issues and sharply faulted a new formula devised by a New Jersey firm hired by the Republican leadership to determine levels of state aid for various school districts in the state.

“Jay Hughes has become one of the most urgent voices in the legislature,” said Overby Fellow Curtis Wilkie. “Our program is designed to give him an opportunity to expand on his thoughts — while offering members of our community a chance to question him during a Q & A session.”

Oxford Eagle