Several M-Club Members alerted YallPolitics to programming information to the 2014 M-Club Alumni weekend to be held at Ole Miss this weekend.

Those members thought the tour of Scruggs home was in generally poor taste given his recent release from prison on federal bribery convictions.

Here’s the registration sheet for info on the weekend.

UPDATE – THE LINK HAS EXPIRED. Here’s what was mailed to members. Notice “Tour of Scruggs home” @ $30/person.

Here’s the flyer that went out with the registration.

The image rehabilitation tour is in full swing and official affiliation with Ole Miss at every turn is a big part of that process.

M-Club members might want to think about the amounts of money that State Farm, Allstate and Southern Farm Bureau donate to Ole Miss Athletics on an annual basis and the signifigance that this tour might have to them.


Here’s the listing of events. Notice the tour of Scruggs Home listed.