Ole Miss’s Autumn of Discontent

The University of Mississippi’s football team won this weekend. But as MPB’s Sandra Knispel reports, the uproar over the university’s athletics leadership continues.

With finally a win again, the Ole Miss football team returns from its first trip to California, having beaten Fesno State 38 to 28 this weekend. But that’s not enough to appease a fan base in turmoil. Lee Habeeb is the spokesman for Forward Rebels, a fan group that has been taking out weekly ads of discontent.

“The ads aren’t aggressive, actually. It just depends on your point of view. Actually they are asking questions,” Habeeb says. “Only a chancellor as queasy as this would fear actual, solid questions. That by the way are being asked every day in sports talk. And the entire SEC now thinks we’re a joke. Recruits aren’t coming here because we keep losing. Two straight years.”

Forward Rebels is a now a for-profit organization that is raising money to keep up the pressure on the Ole Miss administration. It’s goal is simple: get the athletics director fired.