One Reason to Like Arkansas: Look at the Schedule

One of the reasons Arkansas has to be favored to at least make a run at the SEC West is its schedule. It’s not exactly easy — no slate in the SEC ever is — but the game with Alabama is in Fayetteville, the Razorbacks don’t play Florida and they also face the two most dangerous non-Alabama SEC West teams at home.
OLE MISS | Oct. 23
One can only imagine that the Houston Nutt vs. Arkansas story is starting to lose some of its pizazz. After all, he isn’t Nick Saban; it’s not like he won a national title in Fayetteville. But there’s still enough bitterness in some circles at Nutt — just try writing a post suggesting Nutt didn’t really underachieve at Arkansas if you doubt this — to make it somewhat interesting. And with Jeremiah Masoli a likely player for the Rebels, there are more than enough ways for this game to run off the rails.