Only in the alternative universe known as The Mississippi Senate race, the crack YP Memory Division dug deep into the interwebs to find this.

Chris McDaniel’s trial lawyer on his election challenge is a Jackson-based attorney named Mitch Tyner. Tyner has extra motivation becuase Haley Barbour waxed him in a gubernatorial primary in 2003 83% to 17%. Apparently he has an ego to match his clients as most failed candidates don’t leave their campaign sites live for 11 years after they lose.

Tyner’s website is still live at

And what would you think would be the feature picture on Mitch for Mississippi? A grip-and-grin with Tyner and none other than Thad Cochran, the man that he’s now trying to sue on behalf of McDaniel.

And his most recent press release on the site (link is now dead) is . . . . “Tyner concedes republican nomination to Barbour and immediately endorses him for governor.”

A strange #mssen world in which we live.