Recent political appointments a plus for Lowndes

When Calisolar announced its intention to open a plant in Columbus, people from across the state might have thought: what, them again? Envy is one of the byproducts of success, and when it comes to big industrial projects no other part of the state has been more successful in recent years than Lowndes County. But, as with most industrial projects these days, the state legislature passed an economic package to incentivize Calisolar’s arrival. Getting this package passed required navigation through treacherous political waters, water full of waves ready to crash it.

Luckily, the recent appointments of Sen. Terry W. Brown and Rep. Jeff C. Smith mean Columbus will have a hand in steering the ship for the next four years. Brown, a state senator since 2003, was selected by Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves to be senate president pro tempore. This position makes Brown second in command in the senate, and means he presides over it in the lieutenant governor’s absence.

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