Opinion poll has Johnson, Crisler and Horhn chasing Melton

My friend Brad Chism, President of the political consulting firm Zata3, has just released the results of a 500+ person poll in the Jackson mayoral race. Brad says that:

“We have several friends in the Jackson Mayor’s race but no candidates who are clients. We are intrigued by the dynamics of this race and have decided to do some survey work for public dissemination.

Wednesday night we conducted a random sample survey of 500 Jackson voter households. We asked about candidate preference and strength of support.”

The main results:

Melton is in first place with 27% of total respondents. 35% of his supporters are “absolutely sure” they will vote for him.

H. Johnson is the lead challenger, with 20% of the total. 21% of his supporters are “absolutely sure.”

Crisler is in a close third with 18% of total. 13% of his supporters are “absolutely sure.”

Horhn is at a surprising 6%, with only 5% of his supporters saying they are “absolutely sure” they will vote for him.

Jim Craig’s World 4/3/9

h/t NMC