Opinion: Prince needs to be shown the door

I took a trip back in time this past Saturday.
I know time travel is impossible, but as I watched from my seat in Bill Snyder Family Stadium as the Texas Tech Red Raiders obliterated Kansas State, I couldn’t help but sense that I was watching K-State football circa 1987.
Sadly, for me and all Kansas State football fans, this atrocity is very much here in the present.

The Kansas State football program is in a state of disrepair just five years removed from winning the Big 12 Conference championship, and the man responsible for such a drastic downfall needs to be shown the door.
Ron Prince, now in his third season as the successor to the legendary Bill Snyder, has taken a program that had risen from the depths of the college football world to become one of its most successful programs in the 1990s and early 2000s and smashed any resemblance of its once rock-solid foundation.

To put it bluntly, Prince doesn’t belong as a Division I head coach, and this season is exposing that very fact.