Original thought seems to be severely lacking in the Mississippi Democratic Party these days.

So far in this election we have seen Democrats use form emails to try and scare voters on PERS in districts around the state. Now it looks like they are sharing children for their campaign television commercials – and using Jackson Public Schools in the process.

Two Democratic candidates – Steven Kilgore of Senate District 18 in Leake, Winston and Neshoba counties and Dorsey Carson of House District 64 in Hinds and Madison counties – have released the following campaign ads (watch closely):

Did you see any similarities? I’m sure you did.

These two liberal lawyers, running against conservative Republicans Sen. Giles Ward (SD18) and Rep. Bill Denny (HD 64), are using the same children in the same setting.

You have to question whether the families of these children know they are being used in such a manner.

You also have to wonder about using a school for political purposes. Was educational time lost for these children so Democratic candidates could get a few campaign shots? Plus, these are the two we know of right now – is there more to come using similar footage?

If you look closely, you will see the “JPS” logo on the computer where the young girl is seated with both Kilgore and Carson. “JPS” it would appear stands for Jackson Public Schools. If this is indeed where the ads were shot, Dorsey Carson has an obvious connection, but Steven Kilgore is way out of his district. Is Kilgore promoting Jackson Public Schools as an example for his district?

We knew Mississippi Democrats were struggling and resorting to desperate tactics, but sharing children and campaign footage in ads where a candidate is suppose to be highlighting his district’s potential and why he is right for that area is questionable.

Voters in SD 18 and HD 64 need to pay attention. We already have too many liberal legislators in Jackson that cannot think for themselves… we definitely don’t need two more like Kilgore and Carson.