Othor Cain – McMillan for Lt Gov

So this is the third time I’ve heard this but the first time that I’ve heard Big Mac was meeting with advisors to get a real feel about his support and the probability of winning.

Big Mac is seriously contemplating a run for Lt. Governor!

Will he run as a republican or as a democrat?
Does he have any real juice outside of rural Hinds County?
So is it really over for him at the SO?
Who will be the big money contributor since Irby is engulfed with medical and legal bills?

Just a few questions as we move thru this process!

I learned today that Big Mac spent most of the weekend visiting African American churches, garnering support.

One of the church’s that he attended was Rev. Sutton and he was asked should he advance his talks on running for Lt. Governor, who would be the most likely person to take his place at the SO?

McMillin responded with “Tyrone Lewis.”

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