Much ado has been made by left leaning publications of the weirdness of the Tea Party rallies. Our own local moonbats weighed in.

Even their editor proclaimed . . .

Rather, they’re an incoherent hodgepodge of xenophobics, libertarians, anti-flouridation messianists, conspiracy theorists, racists, and so forth.

Good point, Brian. But I’m getting all these tweets from prominent state (and national) Republicans claiming credit for them. So, hey, it’s their party if they want to claim all the creepiness.

Citing such creepiness, we at the Y’allPolitics Memory Division thought we’d dip into the archives.

We thought we’d just show a them vs. us comparison.

Our protesters

From Clarion Ledger

From Clarion Ledger

From the Jackson Free Press (it’ll probably get moved).

Their protestors

Source – the Jackson Free Press in 2007 (reprinted from site)