Overflow Crowd Grills Taylor

“The health care bill is projected that even with the changes that are coming out, if they are able to get them out of it, it is costing us maybe $900 billion tax dollars more, $900 billion of new debt,” Taylor said. “We just don’t have that kind of money.” Taylor’s opening presentation was interrupted many times by the crowd who shouted questions and made remarks, which were mostly ignored by the Democratic congressman, who instead opted to save those issues for the lengthy question and answer session.

Taylor briefed the group on advances that have been made in blast protection for military vehicles. He also gave demonstrations on federal spending, the deficit, the Constitution and other issues.

“Let’s talk about health care,” someone shouted during his opening statements.

There were long sequences when Taylor, who functioned for a good portion of the meeting without a microphone due to technical problems, was drowned out by the crowd. He paused and reminded them of the format.

“We are going to get to your questions,” Taylor said.

There was a large law enforcement presence at the meeting. At one point, a sheriff’s deputy told the restless audience they would get a chance to ask questions later, which drew the ire of some. A man near the front shot back, “It’s our right to stand up and say something,” but his voice was not very loud among the others talking.

Some booed when a person talked about those out of work and not being able to afford insurance, to which Taylor responded, “We don’t need to be booing our fellow Americans’ opinions.” Some who asked questions were interrupted by others, who would ask, “what’s your question?

Sun Herald