Overpaid Selig should be held accountable

Last year, Bud Selig made more money than all but seven major-league ballplayers. You may have heard of them: Alex Rodriguez, CC Sabathia, Johan Santana, Mark Teixeira, Manny Ramirez, Miguel Cabrera and Derek Jeter.

You can bet if any of those seven failed to do his job the way Selig has failed to do his, and worse, tried to use the kind of excuses Selig has used to justify that failure, they would be more than merely the objects of public ridicule.
People would be calling for their heads, and the heads of the people who considered them worth the money they were being paid.
So why is it that no one is calling for the head of Selig? Why is no one calling for baseball to rip up his contract and eat whatever money is still owed him, the way many did a few years ago with Jason Giambi and plenty more are right now in the case of Alex Rodriguez?