Paul P. Quinn
The Oxford Enterprise

Just a few months after finally reaching a settlement with Dickie Scruggs in a lawsuit stretching back 15 years, attorney William Roberts Wilson has moved into the office space that once housed his nemesis’ law firm on Oxford’s Square.

“Ever since watching ‘Intruder in the Dust,’ I’ve wanted an office on the Square,” Wilson said. He had previously worked out of Tuscaloosa, but he said that, after a decade and a half of financial issues, he could afford to make the move.

Wilson said he’s excited about living in Oxford. His wife is currently looking into buying a house in the area.

Asked if obtaining Scruggs’ old office was part of the settlement, Wilson said he could not talk about the settlement. “I gave my word, and I am a man of my word,” Wilson said.

However, land records show that Scruggs sold the office space to a Memphis-based law firm on Dec. 9 – three weeks after Wilson and Scruggs settled for an undisclosed amount of money in November. The Memphis firm then sold the office to Wilson on Feb. 3.

The records indicate Wilson did not obtain a loan to purchase the space situated above Ajax on the west side of the Square.
Wilson would not answer questions about how he came to purchase the office.

The Wilson Law Firm was still in the unpacking stage Tuesday. Wilson said he is mostly doing asbestos litigation.

It was Wilson’s lawsuit against Scruggs that led to the latter’s downfall in a bribery scandal. Wilson had first worked with Scruggs in the mid-1990s on asbestos cases. When the asbestos litigation turned profitable, Wilson and Scruggs’ relationship turned sour. Wilson eventually sued Scruggs in Hinds County, arguing that Scruggs used Wilson’s share of asbestos money to fund Scruggs’ campaign against big tobacco.

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