Oxford, MS (November 8, 2010) – Mayor Patterson along with the Oxford Park Commission
Board and staffs of FNC Park and the OPC Athletic Department is delighted to announce
the inaugural Mayor’s Championship Series. This will be the first post-season playoff and
championship game for OPC Flag Football Program.

The semi final and championship games will be held at FNC Park and the game’s schedule is as

Ages 6-7
• Thursday November 11th:
1. Bears-Wicker vs. 4.Giants Roth 5:30pm on Tannehill & Carmean
2. Steelers-Darnell vs. 3. Jaguars-Carwile 6:30pm Tannehill& Carmean
Championship Game, Monday November 15th, 5:30 @ Tannehill & Carmen Field

Ages 8-9
• Thursday November 11th:
1. Ravens-Shivers vs. 4. Saints Yerger at 5:30pm on Mayo Eye Clinic
2. Chiefs-Freeman vs. 3. Raiders-Cox at 6:30pm on Mayo Eye Clinic
Championship Game, Monday November 15th, 5:30 @ Mayo Eye Clinic Field

Ages 11-12
• Thursday November 11th:

1. Bears-Yoste vs. 4.Giants-Locke 5:30pm on Gilliland Ortho
2. Cowboys-Stacy vs. Steelers-Gragson 6:30pm Gilliland Ortho

Championship Game, Monday November 15th, 5:30 @ Gililland Ortho Field

Following both championship games there will be an awards ceremony where Mayor Patterson
will present the MCS trophy. The MCS trophy along with the team pictures will be prominently
displayed in City Hall.

“I am extremely excited about the new MCS initiative and that we are able to provide the OPC’s
youth athletics flag league with post season play,” said Pat Patterson.


Please visit our website at www.oxfordparkcommission.com or www.fncpark.com