Are All White People Racists? One Leftist School Is Teaching This

Then I went to work and examined the William Winter Institute. Though their literature was slick and featured people of all races and ages smiling and holding hands, the diversity on the staff — particularly on the idea front — was absent.

Of the small staff, there was not a single person who could be called even a center-right conservative. The website that houses the Winter Institute’s political positions — — was filled with the usual leftist vision for all that ails America, and their positions were wide-ranging on everything from school choice to hydraulic fracking. Each and every position was fundamentally from the Left, even the far Left. Few posts had anything to do with race.

All fine and good, as the Winter Institute has every right to advance the political positions it chooses. But choosing this overtly political leftist group to teach tolerance and inclusion must have been an oversight on the school board and superintendent’s part, too, I thought.

I then looked at the Facebook and Twitter handles of two key leaders of the Winter Institute, academic director Jennifer Stollman and political director Jake McGraw. And did I get an eyeful! Particularly the posts around the inauguration of President Donald Trump, who won the state of Mississippi by nearly 20 points. Stollman’s were shocking for a person leading an institute that professes to teach tolerance and inclusion. She didn’t hesitate to attack Mississippeans who voted for Trump as racists, bigots and worse, in one post saying this: “Angry rural white voters hating women, people of color, immigrants, lgbtqia.”

Lee Habeeb