Pac-10 expansion raises many questions

We won’t know for certain until next winter, when the “Pac-12” negotiates with Fox and/or ESPN on a new television contract and makes a final decision on whether to form its own network modeled on the Big Ten’s version. (Each Big Ten school receives $6 million to $7 million per year from the league’s TV network alone.)
But the response from media-rights consultants to Pac-10 expansion has ranged from lukewarm to chilly.
“On a per-school basis, it’s not a massive increase,” said AJ Maestas, president of Navigate Sports and Entertainment Marketing, “but there’s a net benefit to adding Utah and Colorado.”
Maestas projects the league’s per-school revenue to jump from $8 million-$9 million to $13 million-$14 million based on the new TV deals and a football championship game.