Packers should tell Favre to scratch his itch elsewhere

Letting It Out (And Trying Not To Burn Myself With A Sparkler):

Despite all the tears at Brett Favre’s retirement party, it was clear he was conflicted about his future.
Now it appears he might want back in the game — the utter gall of the man! — and I continue to be shocked at the vociferous nature of the criticism.
I would agree, the Packers should not have him back, not with Aaron Rodgers and Brian Brohm waiting in the wings. The Packers already have bent over backward to mollify Favre, especially during those off-season periods when he took his time debating whether to return or not.
But if Favre is willing to be traded to a team that is just one quarterback away, then why not? Why not try to move him to Baltimore or Kansas City or any one of a number of teams that desperately need him?