Palazzo Statement on Temporary Payroll Tax Holiday

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Steven Palazzo (R-MS), Assistant Republican Whip, today issued the following statement this evening regarding the temporary extension of the payroll tax holiday:

“I am disappointed with this outcome. Conservatives in the House took a stand for a sensible long-term plan that provides certainty for doctors, seniors, and prevented a tax increase on Mississippi working families. South Mississippians overwhelmingly reached out to my office and said to stop the political games in Washington and put in place a long-term, 12 month agreement, not a 2 month agreement. They said, stop the band-aid style approach to problems and put in real reforms for the long-haul. We’ll have to wait and see what games President Obama, Pelosi and Reid have in store for us in 60 days. I’m sure it will be full of political rhetoric intent on dividing Americans. Rest assured, I will continue to advocate for long-term solutions to our nation’s problems, rather than replaying the same ol’ broken Washington record of politics as usual.”