Dear Friends,

Last week was an exciting week for our campaign to Put Mississippi First. We are making enormous strides in our efforts to fight to the liberal agenda being forced on us by the democrats in Washington, who are being led by Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama.

As a State Legislator, I was proud to join the MS Legislative Prayer Caucus and sign a resolution calling for prayer in our state and our nation. I was also proud to co-sponsor Ballot Initiative #32 with Rep. Alex Monsour (R-Vicksburg), that will empower Mississippians to choose through the referendum process whether they want “Obama Care” to be mandated on them.

On my way to the Capitol last Tuesday, I was happy to be invited to visit with and speak to the Lamar and Forrest County Republican Women at their luncheon at the Ryan’s Steakhouse. Protecting American jobs came up and the subject quickly turned to China and our trade deficit, the loss of over 19,000 Mississippi jobs to China, Chinese interference in American diplomatic affairs, Chinese control over 1/10th of our debt, and the fact that we seem to be exporting jobs and importing drywall, catfish, and other products that are harming our families. To protect American jobs and to protect ourselves from harmful Chinese products, we need to buy American made products.

Every time I’m back in the Pine Belt area I’m reminded of my grandmother’s home in Hattiesburg, where I used to spend the summers and holidays. I also can’t help to think about how much fun the cousins and I used to have at the Zoo.

After an afternoon, fighting for South Mississippi in the Capitol, I was honored with the opportunity to visit with and speak to the Lamar County Republicans organization last Tuesday night. The meeting in Lamar County allowed me to connect with residents who knew my relatives from Forrest County. I’ve been truly blessed to have been born and raised in Mississippi and it’s hard to go somewhere and not run into friends and family. Our roots run deep in Mississippi, that’s one of the reason I believe I’ll be an effective Congressman for South Mississippi

On Thursday, after a long day fighting to block federal funds from coming into Mississippi to pay for abortions alongside many of my Republican colleagues in Jackson, I drove to Picayune to attend a Candidate Forum with many concerned South Mississippians. Although I had to drive 2 ½ hours and then back to vote on Friday morning this was a meeting I wouldn’t miss. At this event, I heard from concerned residents wanting to know our plans for victory in November. They are simple – Proven Conservative Leader; Marine veteran who will Fight for South Mississippi Families; Experienced Business Owner who knows how to Create Jobs; and equally as important, I am a 4th Generation South Mississippian who understands the issues facing our district and nation.

After the MS Legislature adjourned in Jackson on Saturday morning, I was honored to deliver the keynote address to the new Certified Public Accountants licensees and their families and friends on the day that the hard work and sacrifice of these hardworking men and women was rewarded. With over 150 people in attendance at the State Capitol, I was honored to be able to share my life story and CPA experiences as a Citizen-Soldier and Citizen-Legislator. The message was simple, as a CPA your opportunities are limitless.

I think everyone agrees that we need to elect more CPAs to Congress, so we can bring common sense conservatism to politics. My CPA background will help our fight to limit the size of government, reduce our debt, control spending, and keep our taxes low. I’ve been able to leverage my business experience and CPA knowledge in Jackson to foster a healthy business climate that spurs job creation and attracts new industries that are creating good job opportunities that improves the quality of life of all Mississippians.

Best regards,

Steven Palazzo

Palazzo Co-Sponsors Ballot Initiative to Protect MS from “Obama Care” Mandates

State Representatives, Steven Palazzo (R-Biloxi) and Alex Monsour (R-Vicksburg) jointly filed Ballot Initiative #32, a state’s rights initiative that seeks to amend the Mississippi Constitution in order to protect Mississippians from federal government mandated healthcare, with the Secretary of State’s Office.

Representative Steven Palazzo, a conservative Republican candidate for U.S. Congress in Mississippi’s fourth district, issued the following statement on the “Obama Care Initiative”…

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Palazzo Supports National and Statewide “Call to Prayer”

State Rep. Steven Palazzo, along with other Mississippi legislatures signed the Mississippi Legislative “Call to Prayer” resolution calling for Prayer for America. With the passage of MS Senate Concurrent Resolution 669, and the formation of the Mississippi Legislative Prayer Caucus, the Mississippi Legislature became the first state to partner with the U.S. Congressional Prayer Caucus, a bi-partisan group of Representatives in Washington who founded the Congressional Prayer Caucus in 2005, at the U.S. Capitol.

Steven Palazzo, a Republican candidate for U.S. Congress in Mississippi’s fourth congressional district, stated, “I am proud that we (Mississippi legislators) could agree that prayer is vital to our state’s and our nation’s future. As a divinely inspired nation, we can no longer afford to ignore the importance of prayer.”

Rep. Palazzo went on to say, “As a father, a small business owner, a state representative, and as Marine Veteran of the Persian Gulf War…

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