FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Congressman Palazzo Presses for NASA’s Commitment to Stennis

Washington, D.C. – During a full House Science, Space, and Technology Committee hearing today, Congressman Steven Palazzo (MS-04) questioned Mr. Charles F. Bolden, Jr., Administrator for National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) on the future of Stennis Space Center. Palazzo serves as Chairman of the Space and Aeronautics subcommittee, which is responsible for overseeing NASA’s space programs. Following the hearing, Congressman Palazzo issued the following statement:

“I was encouraged to hear Mr. Bolden recognize the tremendous work being done at Stennis Space Center. Having seen first-hand the talent, resources, and enthusiasm of its employees, I am confident that Stennis will continue to make a major contribution to NASA’s future. Today’s hearing was part of my effort to make sure their hard work is recognized within the Administration.”

During the hearing, Congressman Palazzo asked Administrator Bolden about NASA’s plans for both public and commercial research activities. In response, Mr. Bolden stated, “Stennis is the nation’s center for propulsion tests. It is where people go and we are trying to encourage commercial entities to fully utilize the facilities at Stennis…. Ideally, everyone will come to Stennis to test engines.”

Later in the hearing, in response to a question from Congressman Palazzo, Administrator Bolden committed to providing the necessary resources to upgrade the test facility at Stennis. “I am committed to do that…my commitment to complete the work on the A-3 test stand is an example,” Bolden said.

Video of the full committee hearing can be found at:

Stennis Space Center is NASA’s largest rocket engine test facility.


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