Released from the Office of Congressman Steven Palazzo (MS-4)…


“The House Republicans have done and will continue to do their jobs. We’ve presented plan after plan that will put Americans back to work. These plans have not been considered by the Senate and fall on deaf ears at the White House.

“Regarding the president’s Joint Session Speech: Speeches have never created jobs; action and leadership create jobs. A replay of the 2009, failed near trillion dollar stimulus bill, is not the answer as proposed by the Administration. The American people want the government to get out of the way of private sector job creation. House Republicans have presented plans that will rein in the job-crushing regulations and tap American energy resources and immediately put South Mississippians back to work in the oil and gas fields offshore. Instead of raising taxes like the president consistently advocates, we should simplify the tax code and reduce the tax rates to allow businesses to expand and be more competitive while allowing families to keep more of their hard earned money. And we need to change the culture of spending in Washington by passing a long-term solution to our spending addiction, such as a balanced budget amendment.

“It is my hope that the president will move away from failed short-term stimulus measures and offer sound, proven policies to remove the barriers of uncertainty and help the private sector do what it does best: create real American jobs. This is Congressman Steven Palazzo from Mississippi’s 4th Congressional District. Thank you for your time.”