Steven Palazzo Statement on Health Care Debacle

(Biloxi) – As Democrat Leadership in the House of Representatives continues “debate” over Health Care Reform, Steven Palazzo issued the following statement:

“I am shocked and disappointed that Rep. Taylor’s BFF, Nancy Pelosi, is continuing to find ways to force nationalized health care through Congress without a real up or down vote.”

The most recent strategy is to allow the House to pass a “self executing” rule that would apparently give Democrats the ability to say they never voted for Health Care.

“Last time I checked, we didn’t send our “leaders” to Congress so that they would be able to shy away from the tough votes and tough decisions. South Mississippi needs a leader in Congress who will take charge and recruit other Members to vote against more government control.”

“Quite frankly, the excuse that Democrats are using that the Republicans used this tactic in the past is repulsive. The use of this practice is wrong regardless of who employs it.”

“It is ironic that on the day we celebrate St. Patrick, who saved the Irish by chasing snakes away, we have Gene’s BFF Pelosi whose actions will doom South Mississippi by chasing jobs out of the district.”

“As your Congressman, I will not allow these shenanigans to continue. I recognize that South Mississippi deserves real leadership and a Leader that Puts Mississippi First not Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama.”