Palazzo talks military cuts, drilling

U.S. Rep. Steven Palazzo met with a group of city officials and business leaders Monday and discussed worries about potential cuts to the defense budget, offshore drilling and other issues.

Palazzo, a first-term congressman who is up for reelection this fall, met with members of the Pascagoula City Council, representatives of Huntington Ingalls shipyard and other Jackson County business leaders. He sounded off on the proposed reduction to the defense budget, which involves cutting at least $450 billion from Pentagon funding over 10 years. Another $500 billion in cuts could also be ordered, according to some reports.

Palazzo has heard concerns about the cuts from those who wonder about the affect on military shipbuilding. He said he is hoping to get more details on the proposal as they are released, but a $1 trillion cut would be a bad move and he believes members of Congress will rally against it.

Sun Herald