Palazzo Votes to Increase Troop Funds; Fund Government Operations

Washington, D.C. – Representative Steven Palazzo (MS-04) issued the following statement today regarding the Continuing Resolution to fund government for the remainder of fiscal year 2011.

“Today, I cast my vote in favor of the continuing resolution to fund government operations through the remainder of the year. While, I am not totally satisfied with the budget package or the size of the cuts, I cannot in good conscience vote against funding troops and their families. Unlike the previous continuing resolution that I voted against, this bill not only fully funds our military for the remainder of the year, but in fact increases appropriations to them.”

“Republicans in the House presented multiple continuing resolutions that would have made deeper cuts, defunded Planned Parenthood and ObamaCare and severely limited the overreaching authority of the EPA. However, the Democrat controlled Senate failed to act on these measures leading us to the situation we see today,” added Palazzo.

“While today’s vote saved our country billions, the debate now turns to saving trillions of dollars in the FY 2012 budget. The bigger battle is for the future of America and I’m prepared to defend the American dream through a new path forward. The Republican plan, the ‘Path to Prosperity’ is a vision to restore one million jobs next year alone and drive long term economic growth,” said Palazzo.