PALAZZO: We won’t let Jennies fly off into sunset

By now, many of us have seen reports that the Air Force is holding tight to their proposal to remove a squadron of C-130J aircraft from Keesler. But, I am here to tell you, this fight is not over.

South Mississippi is a military community. Many of us have served in uniform, and those who haven’t have friends or family who have. We value our service members, and we want to keep them here at all costs. As I’ve long said, Mississippi offers twice the base at half the cost.

Starting in 2011, the Air Force has proposed moving aircraft from all over our nation in hopes of “realigning the force.” It’s something Big Air Force seems to do every couple of years – move planes around for the sake of moving them. What is easy to forget is that these planes are not just cold metal. They represent a piece of our community. The men and women who maintain and operate these planes are our brothers and sisters, our neighbors and our friends.

Sun Herald