Miss. Parole Board starts electronic monitoring

The Department of Corrections also releases some inmates on the condition that they use electronic monitoring devices. There are a few differences. Under the MDOC program, an offender can’t leave Mississippi. Under the Parole Board program, an offender can seek permission to go out of state.

In both programs, a person wearing the electronic device must live in an approved home and report regularly to a supervisory officer. The person is banned from using or possessing weapons, alcohol or illegal drugs, and from going to bars, nightclubs and casinos.

Putting an inmate on supervised release with an ankle bracelet is cheaper than incarceration because the state is not paying for housing, food or medical expenses.

The Parole Board heard 715 requests for release in August and granted about 60 percent of them, Davis said. That means only a small portion was released on the condition of using an ankle bracelet.

Davis spoke Monday in Jackson at a forum sponsored by the Capitol press corps and Mississippi State University’s Stennis Institute of Government.

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