PARRISH ALFORD:Ole Miss’ fifth D-back was the first to Tebow

OXFORD – Freshman defensive back Marcus Temple made the biggest hit by an Ole Miss defender in at least four years, even if he didn’t know exactly who he was hitting for.
The Rebels don’t get much play in Temple’s native Virginia, and when questioned by media folks Monday about his path to Ole Miss, he confided that “Mississippi really wasn’t on my list,” when he was considering limited recruiting options.
Mississippi? This is a kid after Jackie Sherrill’s own heart.
Temple, of course, does know the school’s preferred unofficial name.
While his crash course in local history may be still ongoing, his understanding of what to do on the football field is a few steps ahead.

In the Rebels’ 31-30 win at No. 4 Florida, Temple’s initial contact against Gators’ quarterback Tim Tebow on fourth-and-1 set in motion the series of events that let Ole Miss successfully close out a big game and ultimately earn itself attention in the polls and a spot on the cover of Sports Illustrated.