PARRISH ALFORD:Who says Powe is news? Let’s talk about it

OXFORD – I saw it in the statement, and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. Ole Miss defensive tackle Jerrell Powe will be unavailable for interviews, because he doesn’t deserve them, says his statement, which was released by the school’s media relations staff on Monday, minutes after his status as football-team-member-in-good-standing was announced.
Powe’s statement says he doesn’t “deserve to give interviews,” because he hasn’t yet proved himself on the field or in the classroom. Other team members are deserving of media “time and interest,” because they have proven themselves, the statement asserts.
This is flawed theology.
To consider oneself undeserving of an interview is to elevate the interview to something of honor or privilege.
It is not.
And who is best equipped to decide who should be interviewed? Well, I think I am, since the sole function of the activity is to allow me to bring you the best information possible.
I’ve taken more than one phone call in the office from a well-intending parent who strongly declares that his son or daughter’s high school team deserves coverage because they’re working hard out in the heat.