Pascagoula Mayor Dane Maxwell has been involved in many U.S. Senate campaigns in Mississippi. He was part of those who helped to elect Trent Lott many years ago, and most recently, in 2014, he was involved in the Chris McDaniel campaign.

In 2014 Sen. McDaniel promoted the creation of the PAC and encouraged folks to support it.

The Director of TruePAC was Dane Maxwell who is quoted at the time saying:

“We will support any candidates who are conservative regardless of who they are now (meaning current officeholders.) We are not interested in taking this PAC and using it to clean house. If you are a conservative Republican, we are going to support you.”

Even though there is the potential for McDaniel to enter the 2018 Senate race to take on incumbent US Sen. Roger Wicker, Maxwell came out strong for Wicker on the Paul Gallo Show on SuperTalk Wednesday morning.

Maxwell said of Wicker:

“I think Wicker is doing a great job and we’re going to fight to keep Wicker.

“Bannon, you know, I know him. He is a proponent of the Trump Administration but he shouldn’t come to Mississippi expecting to change our way of thinking or to influence our campaigns.

“President Trump supports Wicker and I do, too, and we’re going fight to keep him.”

Losing conservatives in Mississippi that are close to Trump, such as Maxwell, is not a good sign for a possible run by McDaniel. Maxwell may be the first of many former McDaniel supporters that have moved to the Wicker side for 2018. If so, expect to see more public news about it in the weeks to come.