Pass Christian Harbor gets $33 million expansion

After three years of planning, dreaming and cutting through a whole lot of red tape, the people of the Pass are about to see their harbor expanded and jobs created.

It was a very unconventional and festive ribbon cutting Friday in Pass Christian. With Maker’s Mark Whiskey in hand, Mayor Chipper McDermott scoffed at skeptics of the Pass Christian Harbor expansion plan.

“One day he told me, said, ‘Let me tell you something. You ain’t come up with anything we didn’t do,”’ McDermott said of one skeptic. “He said, ‘Thirty years ago, we had a master plan.’ I said, ‘You sure did and 300 years from now they’d have more dust on them than the Dead Sea Scrolls if it hadn’t been for a man and a woman. That man was Haley Barbour and that woman was Katrina.'”