Patrick Reusse: No clamor at all for Favre’s return

Drew Olson spent many years as a hard-working baseball writer for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Four years ago, he climbed on the gravy train of sports talk radio.
He’s part of a three-hour morning show on 540 AM, the ESPN station in Milwaukee. He’s also the senior editor at

On Wednesday, Olson was asked which of this week’s enormous Wisconsin sports stories is carrying the most intrigue with callers:
A) Brett Favre’s apparent desire to return to the Green Bay Packers or B) pitcher CC Sabathia’s acquisition by the Milwaukee Brewers.
“We’ve been devoting two-thirds of our time to CC and the Brewers, and one-third to Favre,” Olson said. “And that’s stunning. How long has Favre been here … 16, 17 years? It’s never been like this.
“The Brewers haven’t been in the playoffs for 25 years. Finally, there’s a pennant race, instead of just a sausage race. What the fans here are jacked about is the Brewers and bringing in Sabathia, even with the text messages and subterfuge surrounding Favre.”